Transpalpebral Periosteal Sutures for Unilateral and Bilateral Browpexy

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Author(s): Umar Daraz Khan, Muhammad Riaz

Pages: 12-17 |

Objective: Brow lift is a commonly performed procedure for forehead rejuvenation. Various techniques are described to achieve the intended results and are broadly divided into open and closed (endoscopic) methods. Open techniques involves browpexy using transpalpebral, pretrichial, coronal or temporal approaches. Our experience of Browpexy through Upper Lid using periosteal surure is described. Methods: A total of 26 patients (18 females, 8 males) had the procedure. The average age of the patient was 46 years (range 32-63). Of these, 10 patients had unilateral and 16 had bilateral browpexy. Simple suturing was performed using absorbable 3-0 Vicryl sutures. No glabellar muscle complex manipulation was performed. Results: With an average follow up for at least 2 years, there was a recurrence of ptosis in a unilateral browpexy, requiring non-surgical treatment using Botulinum Toxin type A. Conclusion: Transpalpebral browpexy using periosteal sutures is a simple, useful and reproducible procedure that can be performed for both unilateral and bilateral brow ptosis. The results are comparable with little downtime and comorbidity