If you accept the responsibilities of Editorial member/ Advisory Board, you must treat the materials you receive from PJPS as confidential documents. This means you cannot share them with anyone without permission.


  • Should attend Editorial Board meetings; models good writing, editing, deadline compliance and production skills; helps settle disputes and problems
  • Monitors the progress and establishes deadline for important tasks allocated
  • Monthly online meetings with the international and national members of Editorial Advisory Board. Helps to Evaluate and implement feedback and suggestions.
  • Motivates and facilitates members of Editorial Board writing Editorials.
  • Contributing editorial pieces.
  • Motivating, training and developing editorial staff for capacity building of better human resource
  • Contributes to decisions including adjusting deadlines under special circumstances, facilitation of researchers and promotion of research activities
  • Liaison with National and International Members of Editorial Advisory Board
  • Keeps other members of Editorial Advisory Board informed about ongoing activities through effective communication
  • Facilitation of Researchers: Letters to Editors, Evaluation reports and feedback from then researchers would be analyzed and necessary steps would be taken.
  • Evaluating reviewers and researchers
  • Internal Audit for progress of PJPS

Do you agree and are willing to give consent to perform the duties and responsibilities assigned above?