The Pakistan Journal of Plastic Surgery

  • PJPS is the official journal of Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons published biannually.
  • PJPS aims to establish a clear and sound framework for the encouragement of publications related to Plastic & Reconstructive surgery. Also to protect the rights of authors, reviewers and editors with respect to the publication of any research.
  • To transfer the Copy rights of manuscript to Pakistan Journals of Plastic Surgery (PJPS) at the time of submission through transparent and clear policy.
  • To formulate and implement Research ethics policies so that uniform criteria for ethical reviews can be practiced.
  • To protect the rights of research participants and ensure their safety, privacy, confidentiality and consent during research.
  • To formulate and implement blind Peer Review quality criteria and external blind peer review process for publication.
  • To establish a policy regarding Conflict of interests and disclosure of funding sources for research and publication.
  • To establish a policy of selection of editorial team members, their editorial freedom, continuous monitoring and terms of accountability for a defined period.
  • PJPS is entirely funded by the Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons( PAPS).
  • Article processing Fee Rs. 2000/-
  • Article Publication Fee Rs. 10000/-
  • The contents of the journal are also free access and available at the journal website

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