Gastrocnemius Muscle Flap Coverage of Chronically Infected Knee Joints

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Author(s): Dr. Munir Alam, Mr. Brian Kneafsey

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Chronically infected open knee joints present difcult problem. Aggressive debridement of chronically infected soft tissue and bone, irrigation and extensor mechanism reconstruction with achillis tendon graft and denitive muscle ap closure is our preferred approach (1,3). For patients with chronic infection, extensive scarring or soft tissue defects around the knee joint, transposition of the gastrocnemius muscle should be considered, because of its constant anatomy, easy dissection, versatility and moulding features combined with an excellent immunocompetence related to the high oxygen environment (2,8.9,10,11). Six patients with chronically infected traumatic wounds, were treated with aggressive debridement, extensor mechanism reconstruction and transposition of the gastrocnemius muscle for cover. Follow up at two years showed active knee extension with normal gait, without recurrent infection