Trifid Nose’- A rare case of nasal duplication

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Author(s): Mr. Lubna Khan , Mr. Mohammed Riaz

Pages: 34-37 |

Developmental anomalies of the nose encompass a wide and diverse group of conditions. Nasal 1 dysplasia can range from a supernumery nostril to a complete duplication of the nose . These anomalies can be associated with malformations such as facial clefts and can be unilateral or bilateral, most reported cases are unilateral. A number of cases of super numery nostril have been reported in the literature and although anomalies of the face and nose are not rare in themselves, 2 cases of nasal duplication are extremely rare with only a few reported cases since Lindsay in 1906 . Herein we report an extremely rare and unusual case of nasal duplication in the form of a trifid nose