The CV Flap for Nipple Reconstruction: Short term Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction

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Author(s): Roomana Akhlaque, Junaid Ahmad, Nabila Naz, Maham Iftikhar

Received: 20/01/2023 | Published: 28/02/2023 | Pages: 24-27 |

Background: Due to an increased incidence of breast cancer in younger patients, breast reconstruction after mastectomy is now an emerging super specialty in Pakistan. Nipple and are ola needs to be reconstructed as a completion procedure after creation of an aesthetically pleasing breast mound.

Materials and Methods: It was a prospective cohort study which was conducted at PGMI/ AMC/ Lahore General Hospital, Lahore for duration of one year. Standard CV flaps were used in all cases. Flapsurvival and complications were observed. The projection of the nipple was measured in all cases. The patient satisfaction was scored using Visual Analogue scale.

Results: We have done 10 cases of Nipple Reconstruction with CV flap in breast reconstruction and burn breast cases. The nipple projection was 10.2 mm on average. No major complication was observed. All patients were satisfied with an average of 9 at 1-10 scale.

Conclusion: The nipple reconstruction with the CV flaps is simple and reliable technique with high satisfaction rates in patients of breast reconstruction.

Keywords: Nipple reconstruction, CVFlap, Breast reconstruction.