Surgical Management of Giant Scrotal Lymphedema – A Case Report

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Author(s): Muhammad Sohail,1 Muhammad Mustehsan Bashir,2 Afzaal Bashir Bajwa,3 Hussan Birkhez Shami,4 Saadia Nosheen Jan,5 Hira Alavi,6 Zohaib Hidayat7

Received: 23/08/2021 | Published: 13/09/2021 | Pages: 64-66 |

Giant scrotal lymphedema (GSL) causes marked physical distress, and has severe cosmetic and psychoso-cioeconomicconsequences, decreasing the quality of life of the sufferer. Excision is often required as medical treatment is insufficient to produce acceptable results. We report surgical management of a case of idiopathic giant scrotal lymphedema. Involved tissue was excised maximally. There was a significant improvement in walking, sitting and squatting, and patient was able toper form his daily activities in a much better way. At one year follow-up there was recurrence, for which further debulking was performed. Patient was satisfied with cosmetic outlook and his physical as well as psychological distress was significantly decreased.