Study of Cases of Tattoos with Regard to Surgical Treatment

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Author(s): Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ganatra, Dr. Sikander Bhura

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SUMMARY. To study cases of patients coming for surgical removal of their tattoos with regard to treatment outcome. I)ESIGN:Adescriptive and observational study. This study was conducted at Plastic Surgery Department of Dow Medical College & Civil Hospital, Karachi over a period of one year. Twenty four patients, 18 male and 6 female, who came for tattoo removal and were found to be psychologically fit, were included in the study.After explaining the treatmentconsequencesthey weresubjectedtoeithers i m p l e excision,serialexcision, Dermabrasion or excision and skin grafting. Fourteen cases underwent serial excision, four case simple excision and closure, three cases dermabrasion and three cases excision and over grafting. Infection occurred in one case, dehiscence in one case and incomplete removal of tattoo by dermabrasion in one case. Five cases developed hypertrophic scars. Patients were followed up in out patient service for up to six months. Out of 24 patients only eight cases were available for follow up at the end of six months. Out of these eight, five developed hypertrophic scars. Though tattoo removal is a simple procedure in the hands of experienced plastic surgeon, it is not free from complications. Though scar is inevitable, patient’s satisfaction was quite high as they got rid of stigmas,