Special Topic Guest Editorial by Patron History of Plastic Surgery in Pakistan

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Author(s): Professor Faiz Muhammad Khan

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SUMMARY. One of the more challenging problems in head and neck surgery is mandibular reconstruction. A variety of tissues and techniques have been used over the years in an effort to find a solution. Currently the majority of reputable centerscentres around the world favour the free microvascular transfer of bone. The vascularised fibula is one of the most acceptable techniques, if not the most acceptable, for reconstruction of the mandible. From October 1999 to March 2001 ten free fibula mandibular reconstructions were undertaken at the Aga Khan University. 9 Nine of these were carried out following tumour excision and 1 one after trauma. 9 Nine of these flaps were osseocutaneous and 1 one was osseous. There were 2 two flap losses while 8 eight flaps survived to give the patients a good cosmetic and functional result. While the numbers are too small to be of any real significance the early results would tend to justify this major surgery in certain well-defined situations.Type the summary here