Restoration of Female Body Configuration by Combined Liposculpture with Lipomodelling Post Massive/ or Moderate Weight Loss

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Author(s): Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hafeez

Pages: 10-12 |

Introduction And Purpose:  Female naturally should has unique feminine body shape that give her the attractive look, and the most attractive body shape all females seek and want it is hour- glass body shape. In female patients after massive weight loss whatever through dieting or bariatric surgeries they lose massive weight in relatively short time and the end result will be complete loss of feminine body + a lot of kin excess the hour- glass body has many standards waist/hip ratio should be from 0.6 to max 0.7 lateral profile : buttocks should be heart shape or round shape with two high defined angles , one between the upper border of buttock area and lower back and the other angle between the lower border of buttock area and the upper thigh posteriorly anterior/posterior view : rounded curvy trochanteric areas without any depressions upper thigh medially not touching each other with narrow inverted triangle space in between flat abdominal wall with low profile mons mound