Resistant Facial Hirsutism in Females

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Author(s): Dr. Munir Alam, Dr. Nasir Mehmood

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Background: The pigmented and unwanted hair in females is a common issue. There are various treatment modalities available for facial hair removal, (temporary and permanent.) The client choice is invariably to remove facial hair permanently. The photoepilation laser and IPL treatment to remove unwanted facial hair is an acceptable universal method. Objective: To determine the role of photo epilation in the treatment of female facial hirsutism patients. Methods: In this prospective study, carried out from May 2014 to May 2016 in Aziz Fatimah Hospital & Faisal Hospital, Faisalabad, Pakistan.we have treated 140 female clients with the age of 19 Yrs to 55yrs (mean age 36.5 Yrs) having facial hirsutism with Ferriman-Galway score of 8 or more. All patients were treated with photoepilation hair removal system. Thirty four(24.29%) patients excluded from the study due to non-compliance. Normally 4 sessions of photoepilation treatment spaced 30 days deemed sufficient for permanent facial hair removal. With the first session we consider to have 50 % reduction of facial hair and further 10- 20% with every subsequent four to five sessions, spaced 30 days each session accumulating 100% removal of unwanted facial hair in 4 – 5 months. In patients, who did not achieved the desired results after 2nd sessions, we further evaluated for the medical diagnosis for resistant facial hair regrowth and 14 (10%) patients with the hormonal imbalance diagnosed were treated with medical therapy by a specialist endocrinologist. Results: Overall results achieved are highly satisfactory (approximately 80%). All patients with hormonal imbalance had joint treatment from specialist Endocrinologist and Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgeon. The results achieved after combined treatment with photoepilation and medical therapy were total elimination of resistant or regrowth of female facial hirsutism. Conclusions: Where response is inappropriate after 2-3 photoepilation sessions for female facial hair removal then client should be evaluated further by an experienced endocrinologist. After making correct diagnosis of female facial hirsutism and treating medically, the results achieved to remove female facial hair with photoepilation remained satisfactory