Penile reconstruction in severe penile injury: Phalloplasty with an island anterolateral thigh flap (ALTF).

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Author(s): Dr. Muhammad Mughese Amin , Dr. Latif Javed , Dr. Muhammad Sajid

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Penile amputation is common in our society due to trauma by patta injury or electric burn injury. Phallic reconstruction to treat this devastating condition is a major challenge to the reconstructive surgeon. Each surgeon,s contribution is an important entery in the menu of surgical alternatives available to the phalloplasty surgeons. We used an island anterolateral thigh flap(ALTF) for phallic reconstruction. All the patients were treated with phallic reconstruction by using island anterolateral thigh flap(ALTF) .Aesthetic and functional results were evaluated. Complete Anisland anterolateral lateral thigh flap (ALTF) is a very good option for phalloplasty. This study included 12 patients admitted to Plastic & Reconstuctive Surgery Unit BahawalVictoria hospital Bahawalpur from November 2008 to June 2011. Their ages ranged from 16-43 years with mean of 29 years. All the patients were presented by post-traumatic total or subtotal amputation of the penis. necrosis of the flap was not recorded. Partial necrosis of the distal end of the flap was found in two cases which healed completely with conservative measures. In the remaining cases, the post operative course was uneventful. The patient’s satisfaction with the final result was acceptable in all the cases. Regular sexual activity and performance was good in the patients where bone graft was used & acceptable in other cases