One Year Audit of Soft Tissue Reconstruction of Foot Defects

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Author(s): Dr. Omer Salahuddin, Dr. Kanwal Yousaf, Dr. Mamoon Rashid, Dr. Shumaila Yousaf, Dr. Uzair.A.Qazi, Dr. Saleem A Malik

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Successful reconstruction of the severely injured foot remains a challenge for the surgeon. Healthy, well-functioning feet are necessary to perform daily activities. The unique anatomy of the foot complicates reconstruction by limiting the availability of local tissues. The simplest appropriate technique for the injured foot that is likely to produce the best outcome should be selected. Reconstructive options from the most simple to the complex include primary closure, healing by secondary intention, grafting, flaps (local and distant), microvascular reconstruction and amputation. In our experience, reconstruction of the soft tissues of the foot frequently requires more complex methods.