Epidemiology of Burns in Pediatric Patients at a Tertiary Care Centre of Southern Punjab

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Author(s): 1. Muhammad Anwar, 2. Ayesha Anwar, 3. Aqsa Ajmal, 4. Gulam Mustafa

Received: 09/01/2022 | Published: 28/07/2022 | Pages: 60-64 |

Background: Burns are a common cause of childhood injury throughout the world. The objective of this article is to describe epidemiological pattern, etiology, clinical presentation, and outcome in pediatric burn patients. Methodology: This descriptive case series was done at plastic surgery and burn department of Sheikh Zayed Hospital Rahim Yaar Khan from Jan 2020 to Dec 2020. It was a retrospective data analysis of the records of all patients up to 15 years old with burn injuries that were managed at our center. Patient data was collected via a special proforma and analyzed with Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23. Results: Total 160 children were admitted from January 2020 to December 2020.. Male patients were 84 and females were 76. Two third of the children were below 5 years of age; 53.8% had burn with hot liquids; 98.8% were accidental and 87.5% children had burn at home in kitchen environment. Average TBSA was 17%±11; 60.6% were from rural areas, and 68.8% belonged to low socioeconomic status. 89.4% patients were managed conservatively; 30.6% were cured, 30% healed with complications and 4.4% patients expired. Conclusion: Accidental burns in household environment are the most common cause of burn in children specially those under 5 years of age.

Keywords | Epidemiology, pediatric burns, burn prevention