Case Report Total ear reconstruction with prefabricated radial forearm flap using salvaged ear cartilage

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Author(s): Saad-Ur-Rehman Sarwar, Mamoon Rashid, Rizwan Aslam, Irfan Ilahi, Ehtesham Ul Haq

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there are numerous techniques for total ear reconstruction, either for microtia or for posttraumatic complete amputation, are well described in the literature. Best results although are achieved with successful replantation of the whole amputated ear but the results with classical two stage total ear reconstruction are usually also more than just a mere satisfaction.We report a case of a seven year old boy with anAVmalformation of Right ear needing surgical intervention. To ensure the complete removal of the tumor an elective total amputation of the ear was done. The native cartilage skeleton was salvaged and was banked subcutaneously in the left forearm to prefabricate a composite radial forearm free flap for the later on total ear reconstruction. Six months later, after confirming the successful ablation of the tumor, total ear reconstruction was performed with transfer of prefabricated composite radial forearm free flap. Postoperative flap edema took three months to subside revealing an improved contour definition of the embedded cartilage skeleton. The final result was satisfactory for the patient and his parents