Cardiac Malformations in Children with Cleft Lip and Palate

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Author(s): Zubia Masood, Muhammad Ashraf Ganatra, Hasina Changazi, Asad Awan

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Objective: Children with cleft lip and palate suffered from increase frequency of other congenital malformations including cardiac anomalies. Cardiac anomalies carries a high risk of aesthetic morbidity and mortality. This study was done to find out associated cardiac malformation in patients of cleft lip and palate presented to plastic surgery department of Civil Hospital, Karachi. Patients and Methods: All children with cleft lip and palate who presented to Civil Hospital, Karachi were prospectively enrolled in the study during a period of six months from March 2007 to August 2007. All children underwent a thorough clinical examination and an echocardiogram as part of the study protocol. Data was analyzed with the help of SPSS version 10. Results: Total 55 patients were presented during study period which included 33 (60%) males and 22 (40%) females. Out of them, 19 (34.5%) patients have cleft lip alone, 14 (25.5%) had cleft palate alone and 22 (40.0%) had both cleft lip and palate. Out of 22 patients with complete clefts, 17 (77.3%) were unilateral and 5 (22.7%) were bilateral. Associated cardiac malformations were found in 11 (20%) of patients which included 8 (72.7%) males and 3 (27.3%) females. Most common associated cardiac malformation was atrial septal defect in 5 (45.4%) patients followed by ventrical septal defect in 3 (27.3%). Consanguinity was present in 9 (81.8%) patients with associated malformation and 20 (45.5%) patients without associated cardiac malformation. Conclusion: Our results showed 20% frequency of cardiac anomalies in patients suffering from cleft palate. The high frequency of cardiac malformations in patients with cleft lip and palate should be highlighted to all the health professional involved it the management of these patients.