Aivar Bracka Fellowship “A Step Forward Towards Finding a Simple Solution to a Common Anomaly

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Author(s): Dr. Tariq Masood, Dr. Abdul Ghafar, Dr. Obaidullah

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Hypospadias is defined as a defect in the development of ventral aspect of the penis with an ectopic opening of the urethral meatus. It has an incidence ranging from 1 in 200 to 1 in 300 live births (1).More than 300 procedures have been described in literature for treating hypospadias and these being carried out by pediatric surgeons, urologists and plastic surgeons(2).This has led to poor results with more complications. Meanwhile there is no universal agreed protocol to treat this common congenital anomaly. It is said that to learn hypospadias techniques residents should spend sufficient time of training with an experienced surgeon at a dedicated center where such cases are referred. This leads to improved learning curve and less complications with ultimate benefit of patients. The role of fellowship programmes for improving skills and trainee satisfaction is well documented in some studies (3). Keeping in view these facts a fellowship programme was announced by PAPS in its 17 annual meeting held at Bahawalpur in February 2012.It was named “Aivar Bracka Fellowship “to honor Aivar Bracka for his enormous contribution to hypospadiology.In this article we describe our humble experience of fellowship programme so that residents and fellows are encouraged to get this fellowship. This fellowship will help trainees to find
a simple algorithm to treat hypospadias.