Alarming Incidence of Paediatric Hand Injuries Due to Domestic Donkey Pump: A Preventable Public Healthcare Issue

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Author(s): Moeez Fatima, Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan, Maryam Noor

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Background: Donkey pumps are commonly used in Pakistan households to pump water but are open the cause of hand injuries especially in children. This article aims to highlight the alarming incidence of such injuries leading to crippled hand in children. Methodology: This retrospective study was conducted at one the busiest tertiary care hospitals, Civil Hospital, Karachi, from July 2017 to January 2020, by reviewing the medical records of patients. All children, less than 14 years old, who present with hand trauma due to donkey pump in ER or OPD were included. Gender, hand dominance, type of injury, number of involved fingers, and presence of any fracture or tendon injury were recorded. Data analysis was done with SPSS 22.0. Results: A total of 147 children presented with hand injury due to donkey pumps. 105 (71.42%) were boys and 42 (28.5%) were girls. 75.4 % were right-handed and 24.5 % were left-hand dominant. Most frequent was the involvement of single-digit. Regarding injury pattern, severyl crushed fingers were present in 36.7% of injuries. Fingertip injury without any fracture was present in 22.4%, 34.7% had an injury to distal phalanx with tuft fracture, 6.1% of injuries involved middle and proximal phalanx with fracture. All cases were accidental in nature. Conclusion: Domestic Donkey Pumps cause an alarming incidence of hand injuries in children, which can be prevented by ensuring these pumps are safe for household use.

Keywords | Hand injury, Domestic donkey pump, prevention, hand fractures